Warhorses face St. Anthony and Gervin Academy, overrun Mustangs

With football over, the Warhorses can focus on basketball and getting ready to win district this year.
St. Anthony
The Varsity faced St. Anthony on November 19th and led the first half but stumbled in the second and lost the game 53-59. All but one Warhorse stayed out of foul trouble but St. Anthony sank 67% of their free throws while Devine made 60%.
Q1 12-9 , Q2 27-21 , Q3 39-46 , Q4 53-59. FTP 60%. Leonard Pompa 15, Dalton Kramer 12, Mason Burford 7, Weston Byrd 2, Matthew Madrid 5, Kame’ren Adams 9, Justin Contreras 3.
Gervin Academy
In their second game of the week, the Warhorse crushed Gervin Academy 65-49 on Friday. Pompa made two 3 pointers and Kramer sank one. Gervin had one player that could sink baskets and the Warhorses blocked him at every possible chance. Their defense led to turnovers that the offense capitalized on. The Warhorses ended up at the free throw line 27 times in the game and made 16 while Gervin only made 4 of their 9.
Q1 21-8, Q2 31-23, Q3 39-36, Q4 65-49. FTP 59%. Pompa 11, Kramer 12, Sergio Martinez 15, Burford 3, Madrid 1, Adams 13, Perez 10.
The Warhorses will head to Stockdale December 3rd and then compete in the Marion Varsity Tournament December 6-7th.
The Warhorses faced Natalia on Monday night and after a fast four quarters the Warhorses came out on top 78-34. Every Warhorse on the team contributed to the score and five Warhorses scored from outside the three point line, Leonard Pompa two 3s, Jose Dozal two 3s, Weston Byrd one 3, Sergio Martinez one 3, and Matthew Madrid one 3.
Coach Paul Wells said, “The kids are picking up the philosophy of our offense well and gave a more intense effort on defense.”
Q1 17-11, Q2 42-22, Q3 59-28, Q4 78-34. Pompa 8, Dalton Kramer 9, Dozel 6, Martinez 9, Mason Burford 8, Weston Byrd 3, Madrid 5, Kame’ren Adams 20, Justin Contreras 4, Andrew Perez 6. FTP 39%.
The Warhorses will enjoy a much earned break for Thanksgiving and will play again December 3rd in Stockdale.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer