Warhorses continue to press hard

The Warhorses are on a two win streak after beating Pearsall and Natalia. Their last loss was to Stockdale on December 1st. They fell 64-61 after a tough battle. They were down 52-45 at the end of the third and fought back to get with in three by the end of the game.
Colin Dishman 2, Caden Hanson 8, Matthew Madrid 11, Justin Contreras 20, Mason Burford 16, Peyton Carr 4. Q1 20-12, Q2 34-34, Q3 45-52, Q4 61-64. FTP 50%.
Facing Pearsall on December 4th, the Warhorses knew they had to work hard early and not let Pearsall gain a huge advantage. Down 18-21 at the half, the boys came out of the locker room with a renewed fire and took control of the game. They outscored Pearsall 15 to 5 and took the lead at 33-21. Continuing a strong defense, the Warhorses controlled the 4th quarter to take the win at 46-35. “Guys played with a lot of grit and focus. Defense and rebounding was better. Justin stepped up his leadership and led the way.” Coach PJ Wells.
Dishman 5, Weston Byrd 4, Hanson 2, Aiden Zapata 2, Matthew Madrid 7, Kaiveri Alverez 3, J. Contreras 20, Carr 2, Xavier Contreras 1. Q1 9-14, Q2 18-21, Q3 33-36, Q4 46-35. FTP 59%.
The Warhorses continued to be aggressive and dominate defensively the next day when they faced Natalia. Playing a Saturday game, the teams battled and Devine came out on top at 39-32. Natalia was aggressive and wanted the win as much as the Warhorses but Devine was the better team in the end. This win puts Devine at 3-4 for the season.
Dishman 2, Hanson 5, Madrid 8, J. Contreras 18, Carr 6. Q1 13-7, Q2 20-17, Q3 33-26, Q4 39-32. FTP 100%.
Devine played Hondo last night and will face Lytle at home this Friday night. They have 9 games scheduled before district starts on January 12th against Somerset.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer