Arabians face tough Lytle and Medina Valley teams

We had a tough night in Lytle. We struggled to meet the intensity and aggressiveness of the Lytle team and lost 46-59. They came out and played fast and they were definitely the more aggressive team. We had trouble guarding and rebounding this game. Lytle did a good job of playing fast and putting pressure on us most of the game. We struggled with their defensive pressure during the game and they forced us into lots of turnovers. I thought we did a good job of forcing Lytle into some turnovers in the second half but in the end, we were unable to cut into the lead and Lytle pulled away. Bottom line, we have to learn from this game and work to get better for the next one. I think this group will do that.
Points: Kendall Marek 2, Yessika Garza 2, Megan Runyan 6, Maddie Mata 22, Ally Taylor 12, Cece Martinez 2. Rebounds: Brianna Bowyer 3, Marek 4, Garza 3, Runyan 8, Mata 4, Taylor 6, Denise Contreras 1, Martinez 2. Assists: Garza 2, Mata 6. Steals: Bowyer 3, Marek 2, Garza 2, Runyan 4, Mata 8. Blocks: Runyan 3, Mata 1. Q1 8-10, Q2 20-25, Q3 30-35, Q4 46-59. FTP 50%.
We had a tough loss to Medina Valley on Saturday morning. We had to turn around and play another game where the pace was fast and the team was aggressive. This time, I thought we did a better job of matching our opponent’s’ intensity, especially early in the game. For the most part, we did a good job of handling the pressure MV put on us during the game. We struggled to keep Medina Valley off the boards and allowed too many second chance opportunities in the second half. We fought hard against Medina Valley but ended up a little short at the end of the game
Points: Bowyer 1, Marek 2, Garza 2, Runyan 5, Mata 24, Taylor 10, Contreras 2. Rebounds: Bowyer 3, Marek 2, Garza 4, Runyan 6, Mata 13, Taylor 7, Contreras 2. Assists: Garza 3, Mata 1. Steals: Bowyer 1, Garza 1, Runyan 1, Mata 3, Taylor 1, Contreras 1. Blocks: Runyan 1. Q1 15-15, Q2 25-24, Q3 39-36, Q4 46-49. FTP 52%.
The Arabians will be back in action December 11th against Poth and then in Fredericksburg December 12th. They will play Boerne December 15th and in Pearsall December 18th.
Coach Jim Sessions