Warhorse powerlifter Joseph Hernandez earns gold medal, Buddy Santos takes silver

Congratulations to Warhorse powerlifters Joseph Hernandez for earning first place in the 181lb. class with a total of 1,085lbs. and Buddy Santos for his second place finish in the 165lb. weight class with a total of 1,250lbs. Devine competed in their first meet of the 2020 season at Texas Strength Systems in San Antonio on January 16.
“I am very proud of our boys that competed. I have three seniors, two or which are competing for the first time ever, seven juniors (three first-timers), four sophomores with one that is a first time competitor, and four freshman who obviously are all new to powerlifting competition,” said Head Coach Paul Gomez.
For the Warhorses, this meet was the first time that Devine’s team did not have anybody bomb out during the first meet of the season. As Gomez explains it, “For each lift, the lifter has three tries to get a completed maximum lift. If the athlete does not complete the lift either because of the inability to lift the weight or error in technicality then it is a ‘scratch’. If someone scratches in all three attempts for that particular lift then the lifter is disqualified from the meet and cannot continue to the next lift, which is the definition of a ‘bomb out’.”
“For being such a new and young group to the sport, it was definitely a positive for things to come,” Gomez continued. “I know we will see big increases in our boys’ totals as we move through the season. Coach Rotramel and I are excited to see how far we can climb up the ladder. Our boys represented our community well and definitely gave their best. We are looking forward to the next meet and reaching our goals.”
Results (lifter-place-division-squat-bench-deadlift-total)
Gus Puente-6th-123-240-130-250-620, Zakery Martinez-6th-148-300-210-325-835, Justin Rozier-14th-148-275-140-290-705, Buddy Santos-2nd-165-500-245-505-1,250, Jacob Guajardo-13th-165-345-200-315-860, Danny Guillen-18th-165-315-165-325-805, Joseph Hernandez-1st-181-400-210-475-1,085, Devin Ornales-5th-181-365-280-360-1,005, Evan Priest-9th-198-375-190-385-950, Aaron Rivera-8th-220-350-300-370-1,020, Isaiah Romero-13th-242-300-220-345-865, Rudy Rodriguez-14th-242-295-195-330-820, Joel Hernandez-6th-275-350-225-405-980, Jacob Delany-8th-275-330-225-325-880, Darrin Lafferty-8th-SHW (Super Heavyweight)-390-275-430-1,095.
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer