Wad of Cash

Here is your weekly dose of “What Lytle P.D. did last week and other stuff the Chief throws in”: Officers handled 60 calls for service and conducted 118 traffic stops. Of those 118 stops, 102 resulted in a citation and 16 resulted in warnings.
Lytle P.D. arrested 5 people last week, and all were booked into the Atascosa Co. Jail. #1 & #2 – Ofc. Cortez and Ofc. Diaz – A disturbance at the Railhead Café resulted in a female being arrested for D.W.I. and a male being arrested for criminal mischief. The male broke out a glass door and the female drove him away, but they didn’t get far. An officer was able to stop the vehicle and made the arrests. #3 – Ofc. Cortez assisted by Ofc. Diaz – A disturbance at H.E.B. resulted in the arrest of a male who had active theft warrants out of Bexar Co. and Wilson Co. #4 – Ofc. Diaz – A traffic stop for running a red light resulted in the discovery that the driver had an active warrant out of Bexar Co. for failing to Report Highway Damage. #5 –Ofc. Pena assisted by Sgt. Hanson – initiated a traffic stop for running and red light and the driver then crashed into a drainage ditch. He was arrested for D.W.I.
Property Crimes: We had a total of 5 property crimes reported last week: #1 – In the Railhead Café incident mentioned above, a glass door was broken out. #2 – A resident of the Pecan Grove Apts. (14900 Main St.) reported a window was broken out. #3 – A business on Adams St. reported that they took a $20 bill for payment and didn’t realize it was marked “play money”. #4 – Dollar General reported that they received a counterfeit $20 bill. #5 – On Sunday, a man reported that on Saturday he went to South Texas Hardware on Main St. to purchase and few items and accidentally left a Ziplock bag with $3,000 cash sitting on a stack of bottled water. Let’s be honest, haven’t we all done the same thing? I know a lot of people tell me about losing a wad of cash….but it is normally followed by “at the casino”. But this story has a good ending. Sgt. Lopez and Cpl. Robison were able to track down the person that “found” the money. They went to his house and recovered $2,759, still in the same Ziplock bag.
Congratulations to Natalie Pacheco for placing 1st in the state for Powerlifting. We were able to escort the team out of town last Wednesday. I have to be careful; the school is turning out so many winners if I start trying to keep track of them in my weekly report I won’t have any room for my “police stuff”.
Your wait is over! This weekend is the first annual Lytle Music Fest. The event will be held at John Lott Park on Friday (March 24) and Saturday (March 25). Friday is from 6P-10P and Saturday starts around 10A and runs to 10P. There will be live music, over 40 vendors, and 10 food trucks. The headliner is the group Kin Faux, there is no admission charge and I don’t think anyone is charging for parking either. If you can resist the vendors and food booths, you can get by without spending any money. As for me, I can resist the vendors most of the time and the food booths none of the time.