It has always been interesting to me, and yet a bit confusing to listen to “new phrases” utilized by the younger folks in my life. Of course, as a Bona Fide Baby Boomer, there are several generations of them by this point of time.
Our Grand Daughters, ages 8 and 6, use the phrase You Do You on occasion. I have come to understand that is NOT an expression associated with acknowledgment of their unique personalities. And be assured they ARE very different in some ways. It is more akin, in their language, to mean “Go Ahead and be Stupid”.
I have learned that trying to wear a Black and White Shirt, AKA be The Referee, is NOT a wise approach, so I just sit back and observe. If there becomes some danger of bodily harm being inflicted, I will intervene, but mostly am amused that they go from Mortal Enemies to Best Buds in about 60 seconds on some days.
But pondering on that term caused me to think back to “my younger days” of what that saying might have translated into. Let me quickly acknowledge such a consideration is ALWAYS dangerous for an old guy who sometimes is stuck with how to respond to the greeting of Good Morning.
It strikes me that a common phrase back then was “Do Your Own Thing”. Free Speech, Flower Children, and several other labels were used to describe that period in our history as a nation. Far be it from me to appear to convey any skill or pretense as a Sociology Expert. I spend far more of my time looking for my keys or cell phone and checking for rain forecasts than pondering the implications and meanings of words associated with and to varying groups of people.
But a thought did come through the foggy spot called my brain that there might be a better way to use the term. Now I want to acknowledge there is a fine line between Inspiration and Indigestion in my world these days, so this idea might be off course in the viewpoint for some of you fine readers.
How about if we change the wording to: YOU DO THE BEST YOU. By focusing on developing into the best possible version of yourself, a person can contribute in a manner that brings some good to others as well as themselves. Seems to me that is a double win!
I spent a whole lot of years observing very well-educated people in colleges and universities debating the “finer points” of many subjects. Many seemed, at least to me, quite insignificant in terms of the “bigger picture”. But in keeping with the above concepts, if the collection of these ramblings are way off base from your point of view, well all I can say is YOU DO YOU!