Two suspects busted in stolen truck; 8+ vehicles stolen in our area this July

We have reported on at least 8 vehicles that have been stolen in the Devine, Lytle, Natalia areas this July. Lock your vehicles and never leave your keys in your car.
Lytle police busted two suspects in a stolen vehicle this past July 25 around 10:54 pm. The vehicle was seen in the 15000 block of Mesquite Street, and two suspects were arrested.
“The vehicle, a 2010 Chevrolet Silverado was actually stolen from Lytle this past Wednesday July 24. There was a little bit of a pursuit, and then two suspects were arrested.”
The driver Joseph Fernando Rosas (25) was arrested for Evading with a Motor Vehicle and Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle. The passenger Andrew Ines Jr. (31) was also arrested for unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle. Both subjects were transported to Atascosa Co. Jail and the vehicle was released to the owner.
“A lot of people are leaving their vehicles unlocked, and some even leave their keys in it. People tend to think that ‘nothing ever happens’ in our little town, but it does,” said Lytle Police Chief Richey Priest. “We’ve had four stolen vehicles reported just this July. San Antonio is high in property crimes, whereas our rural area has really become a hot bed for stealing vehicles in the past couple years, and I expect that will only happen more and more often as the area grows.”
The first vehicle was stolen out of the O’Reilly’s parking lot on July 11, and the second was stolen from AutoZone July 18, and the third one was stolen from Start Cross Trail on July 24, and that’s the vehicle we recovered this past week. Then a fourth vehicle was stolen. Lytle PD responded to 16200 Blk. of Ethan’s Crossing for that report of a stolen Gold 2017 Ford F250. It was taken between 10:35 pm on Saturday night and 1:25 am Sunday morning.
“We are looking into all of these vehicle thefts that have happened lately, and I know the Devine area has had a couple too, recently, but we haven’t found anything to tie the thefts together. It’s kind of weird. But we know these two guys were still locked up when the next stolen vehicle was reported,” Chief Priest said.
If you have any information about these crimes, please call Lytle PD 830-709-0277 or Atascosa County Crime Stoppers at 830-769-2255 to remain anonymous.