Transfer student openings in Devine ISD, now accepting transfers once again

Devine Independent School District is now accepting a limited number of transfer students for the 2020-2021 school year. Eligible students will be accepted at the following grade levels:
John J. Ciavarra Elementary School
Kindergarten: waiting list only
1st Grade: 7 students
2nd Grade: waiting list only
Devine Intermediate School
3rd Grade: waiting list only
4th Grade: 25 students
5th Grade: 11 students
Devine Middle School
6th Grade: 5 students
7th Grade: 5 students
8th Grade: 5 students
Devine High School
9th Grade: 5 students
10th Grade: 10 students
11th Grade: 15 students
12th Grade: 15 students
Transfer students must meet the following criteria:
• Satisfactory academic progress during the previous school year
• Record of compliance with the Texas Compulsory Attendance Law
• Satisfactory discipline record from the sending campus
• Completion of all application paperwork within deadlines

Students will not be accepted if their admission creates adverse conditions for Devine ISD in terms of space, financial exigency, or personnel or capital outlay requirements. Students must annually reapply to be accepted as a transfer student, and must make satisfactory academic progress, maintain acceptable conduct and attendance, comply with rules and regulations, and remain current on tuition payments throughout the previous academic year.
In addition to the completed Application for Student Transfer, first time transfer applicants must also submit the following documentation at time of application:
• Academic Record – Include most recent academic record (latest report card or transcript) and latest assessment testing scores. The transfer application is not complete until updated records have been submitted. Student records must include any special services provided to the student
• Attendance Record – A complete record of attendance from the most recent year of school must be included. (May be included on report card)
• Discipline and/or criminal record – School records or written records describing any school discipline for the current school year must be submitted. Records must include a description of any criminal record or pending criminal proceedings. If no records exist, a memo or letter from the registrar or campus administrator must verify that there were no discipline infractions for the student.
Please note that as a first time transfer student, your child’s transfer request will not be considered until all required information and documentation is received. All transfer applications will be processed and reviewed on a first-come first-served, case by case basis. Incomplete transfer packets will not be considered.
Applications for the 2020-2021 school year will be accepted beginning June 22, 2020 and all transfer information must be completed and submitted by the August 3, 2020 deadline. Parents/guardians will be notified by no later than August 18, 2020 regarding acceptance. Once your student has been accepted as a transfer, please submit the completed Non-Resident Transfer Agreement along with full tuition payment no later than August 21, 2020. Applications may be obtained from the Office of the Superintendent at 605 W Hondo Ave. (830-851-0795).