Poppi’s Rumblings

Our daughter and her family have been under the weather for a while, courtesy of two kids in Elementary School. In our earliest days of marriage, the Boss Lady began her 26 year career as a public school employee, starting as a First Grade Teacher.
She would spend several weeks to a month on some form of medication from an illness she caught at school and once recovered, become victim of another “bug” of some sort or another. The Germ Scene was alive and well in the elementary grade levels at The Leming School north of Pleasanton, and still is today in Northside ISD in San Antonio.
When I stopped by their house recently to deliver some new meat from the annual ½ a steer we buy from a longtime neighbor and real estate partner, the girls, ages 6 and 8, asked me for an update on what was going on out at our Family Ranch in Miguel. I began my recount and was just getting started when the youngest, Ms. Oakley, turned to her sister, Stevie and asked is Poppi Rumbling again?
Let me give a brief overview of these beloved young ladies personalities. Stevie is a carbon copy, looks and personality of her Mom. Most days are full of rainbows and butterflies. But the occasionally Dark Day hits and it is the End of the World as we know it. Oakley is either going to grow up to become a wonderful health care provider for people or animals OR go on tour as in the Professional Women’s Wrestling Association. Get on her wrong side and it is Katie, Bar the Door!
So, when she asked that question, I admit to being confused. Rumbling is something my Unhappy Tummy does on occasion. Or it is a brawl, or maybe can describe how my old truck sounds on a rough dirt road. But I did not get the use of the word within the aforementioned context.
Stevie giggled that crooked little killer smile of hers and quickly explained that Oakley meant Ramblings. You see Poppi, she said with a grin, Mimi tells us sometimes you get to thinking you are still back in a lecture at your college and forget we are just little kids.
Upon reflection, both her and Mimi are 100% on target with their comments. I can get pretty wordy, either verbally, or with a keyboard. I will TRY to Rumble/Ramble less. But don’t bet the family farm that I will be successful at it!