Hallylouya the Elections are finally over! Congratulations to Danny Lawler, Larry Sittre and Phillip Lange. Medina County remains a conservative Republican stronghold….and the Tax Freeze Proposition passed with 97% of the vote!
Our Medina County Sheriff’s Office received a Federal Grant called “The State Criminal Alien Assistance Program Grant” in the amount of $6,850. Woo Hoo…oughta call it “The Drop in the Bucket Grant”. Least it’s something…
Cara Thomas gave us a report on the Chapter 59 Asset Forfeiture fund and the Equitable Sharing fund that is managed by the Sheriff’s Office. In the Seizure fund, there is $80,659 for use by the SO and there is $12,318 in the Forfeiture fund. Good to use crooks money against them.
We also adopted a Resolution creating the Adult Sexual Assault Team to better investigate these types of cases and to make reporting them easier once it is seen that cases are tried and crooks are sent to prison.
Whole lotta vacating and replatting also…seems we always have a little bit of this every meeting, making it quite evident that Medina County is growing.
Governor Abbot has declared an invasion at our Southern Border. We’ll see if there is any effect on the flood of drugs and the criminal element or not…
Good to see that he is shipping some of them to Zombieland (Philadelphia).
We had a workshop dealing with the Castroville Airport after the meeting having to do with zoning restrictions around the airport. Biggest thing that I noticed was an air of contention in the room. Sposed to have a meeting that night (Thursday) and work on the restrictions.
Been working with the Lytle Mayor to eliminate one of the biggest dumping sites in the Twin Lakes area. We will start working on it on the 21st. Amazing how some people can be so inconsiderate and down-right trashy.
Getting cooler finally. Still need rain. We have only gotten 16.1 inches so far this year out in the Black Creek metroplex. Have a great Thanksgiving!
Only 31 days till Christmas! No decorations until after Thanksgiving and I one-upped Lewis Stroud this week.