“Party Time” and Harp win big at National Mini Horse Show

Jo Harp driving Alamos Poes “Party Time” with all of the ribbons they won during the National Mini Horse Show in Tulsa.

Jo Harp, of Devine, was turning heads this past weekend at the National Mini Horse Show in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she took the gold in multiple categories with her partner, Party Time. They competed amongst over 2,500 top horses from all over the country.
“It was my first time at Nationals,” Harp said, with a smile. “It’s the biggest mini horse show in the country, and we shocked everyone as no one knew who we were.”
“I have been training Party Time to compete for quite some time as she knew very little when she first came to me to be trained. After we won several classes at shows in Texas and then won several classes at the Area V show (Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana & New Mexico) last June in Glen Rose, TX, I decided that Party Time was ready to compete at the 2021 AMHR Nationals,” Harp said.
“I spent the past two months training Party Time to improve her compulsion, collection, and head carriage as well as conditioning so she was ready to compete against the top horses from all over the country.”
“Party Time and I won National Champion in our first class, Carriage Turnout. This class is judged on the appearance and presentation of the driver.
We took National Reserve Champion in our 2nd class, Carriage Single Horse Driving. This class is about how the horse performs through multiple gaits.
We took National Champion in our 3rd class, Carriage Reinsmanship. This class is judged on the drivers reining skill and we have to perform lots of different maneuvers including a 180 degree pivot while keeping one wheel in the same spot.”
“Winning this class was incredible and I was a bit overwhelmed with joy as this class is a true test of my skill as a driver and how well Party Time’s training is coming along. She did not miss a step.”
They also took 7th place in their 4th class, Carriage Working. This class is judged on the horses’ performance through multiple gaits including three different trot gaits. “After four days of competing, Party Time was very tired. She performed most of the class perfectly but she just did not have it in her to do an extended trot,” Harp added.
“After a day and a half of rest and lots of hydrotherapy to help with any soreness we competed in our 5th and last class, Carriage Stakes. Party Time started off really well. Her collected trot and walk were excellent and I really thought we had a good chance of winning, but when we got to the working trot, Party Time just didn’t have it in her. She gave me everything she had and I decided to just enjoy the time driving her. The fact that she still took 4th place was incredible and I could not be happier or more proud.”
“This is only the 6th show that I have competed at driving horses and I love it. I am currently training six driving horses and they are so much fun with their spunky personalities. I could not have done this without my amazing team. My husband, Jeremy, who did an amazing job at the past two shows, cleaning and polishing the cart, and also being handler/header during the classes. My daughter, Katie, who has helped me so much and been at every show with me except Nationals. All of the volunteers at Wings And Reins who take care of all our horses and donkeys while I am at shows and to Party Time’s owner, Pamela Henry, for giving me the opportunity to compete with this amazing mini horse. I am truly blessed.”