New waste polycarts to be delivered to Lytle customers this summer hopefully

The City of Lytle will have new garbage containers called “Waste Polycarts”  plus an all new recycling center as soon as the supply change catches up with the demands due to the COVID-19 crisis. At the May 11, 2020 city council meeting of Waste Managment of Texas promised the containers have been ordered and they are waiting on them. He hopes to have them sometime in the summer and get them delivered. Plus an all new recycling center will be put in and they will train people how it all works.

The City of Jourdanton has been currently going through the transition to the Polycarts.

Below is part of the ordinance about the contracted services between Waste Managment of Texas and the City of Lytle. The dates haven’t been filled in as they are awaiting the arrival of the products.

Here is some of the information in the contract.

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5.01. Residential Collection: Contractor agrees to provide a Waste Polycart to all Residential Units no later than (TBA), 2020.

(a) Residential Collection:

(i) Until all Residential Units have received a Waste Polycart,

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Contractor shall continue to collect Residential Waste generated at a Residential Unit and placed in that Residential Unit’s Container(s) two (2) times per week.

(ii) Once all Residential Units have received a Waste Polycart from Contractor, the Residential Waste collection services shall be modified as follows: Contractor shall collect Residential Waste

generated at a Residential Unit and placed in that Residential Unit’s Polycart one (1) time per week. The Contractor shall not be obligated to collect any Waste not properly contained in the Customer’s Polycart.

(iii) Construction Debris generated at a Residential Unit by a Third Party Provider shall be deemed Commercial Waste, and shall be collected pursuant to Section 5.03 below. Construction Debris

generated at a Residential Unit by the owner or tenant of that Residential Unit, and not utilizing the services of a Third-Party Provider, shall be subject to the Bulky Waste limitations set forth in this Agreement.

(b) Bulky Waste Collection: Contractor shall provide a once (1) per month collection service to Residential Units for collection of Bulky Waste. Contractor agrees to collect up to, but not to exceed, four (4) cubic yards of Bulky Waste from each Residential Unit. Contractor shall have no obligation to collect any Bulky Waste in excess of the above volumes, or any Construction Debris generated by a Third-Party Provider hired by a Customer and generated and/or located at that Residential Unit. Bulky Waste shall be placed within three (3) feet of the curb, swale, paved

surface of the roadway, closest accessible roadway, or other location agreed to by Contractor and Customer, that will provide safe and efficient accessibility to Contractor’s collection crew and vehicle. Bulky Waste

excludes Brush, which is collected by the City.

(c) Residential Door-to-Truck Service: Contractor will provide Residential Door-To-Truck back door Waste collection for Residential Customers that the City determines have demonstrated a need or hardship necessitating

this special service; however, this service excludes Bulky Waste collections. The City has sole responsibility for determining which Residential Unit Customers qualify for this special service, and the City

will provide Contractor with a list of qualifying Customers’ addresses. Door-to-Truck collection service means the Customer places their Waste Polycart near their garage or carport rather than curbside. Contractor may

refuse to provide this service if the location of the Polycart exceeds 150 feet from the curb line or edge of pavement and no such service will be provided for Bulky Waste.

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(d) Carts:

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(i) Contractor shall provide one (1) Polycart to each Residential Unit for the deposit of Waste no later than (TBA) 2020. Polycarts (the “Carts”) shall be placed by the Customer of a Residential Unit in a location that is readily accessible to Contractor and its collection equipment, not to exceed three (3) feet from the curb or edge of the travelled portion of the street, road or alley, and not to be located in a manner that will block the driveway or mailbox or otherwise inhibit proper servicing. The City shall aid Contractor in resolving problems of Cart location by the Customer. Customers shall not overload Carts, and the Carts shall be loaded such that the lids shall close securely.

(ii) Contractor shall not be required to collect (i) any Residential Waste that is not placed in a Polycart, (ii) any Residential Waste from a Polycart that is overloaded or whose lid cannot fully close, or (iii) a Polycart that is not properly placed curbside.

(iii) The Carts furnished by the Contractor hereunder shall remain the property of Contractor, and the Customer will have no interest in the Carts. The Carts shall remain at the location of the Residential Unit where delivered by Contractor. If a Cart is damaged beyond repair, the Contractor will provide a replacement Cart to the Residential Unit location at no charge. Any Cart removed from, lost or missing from a Customer location shall be deemed lost, and Contractor agreed to provide a replacement Cart at a cost of $70.00 per Cart to the City.