New drop-off, pick-up procedures in place at LHS and LJHS

Lytle High School Assistant Principal Jennifer Criswell took to YouTube to advise parents of Lytle High School and Junior High students of changes to the drop-off and pick-up procedure at those campuses prior to the first day of school on Wednesday, August 26.
“The big difference that we have here is that the parent pick-up, student parking area is going to be the primary location for those students who are going to get picked up and dropped off by their parents, and for the student drivers that park at the high school campus,” Criswell said.
A teacher will scan students with a handheld thermometer when they are dropped off at the schools, and will only be allowed inside if they do not have a temperature. Students who ride the bus will be scanned for a temperature when they disembark.
Parents dropping off students will enter the first driveway on FM 2790 South as illustrated on the map (the driveway closest to LaCoste) and turn into the area where buses usually drop of students.
“You guys will line up single file right behind each other, and teachers will scan the students and make sure that they’re good to come into the building,” Criswell said.
Students who have temperatures must return to their vehicle.
“Essentially we have a two-lane area, but we’re going to utilize the first lane closest to the sidewalk to scan the students,” Criswell explained, “and then use the other side of the lane as a passing lane.”
Vehicles leaving the drop-off area should exit out the second driveway as illustrated on the map.
Criswell said that seven to eight buses will be running routes, and that pick-up and drop-off will be split between the two faculty parking areas.
“We know our bus students want to quickly get on and off the bus, and it’s crowded in that area if you’ve ever been to the gym side,” Criswell said. “So to give them a little bit more space to help practice social distancing, and to also help the bus drivers return students back to their house in a timely manner, what we did was split the number of buses.”
High school and junior high students will ride the same buses.
“In the mornings, high school faculty members will help scan the students and take their temperature and escort them inside,” Criswell said of bus-riding students who will be dropped off on the LHS side. “They’ll enter through the high school, and go through the double doors to the junior high once they’re inside.”
The same procedure will be followed for bus students dropped off at LJHS.
“Junior high will go to junior high, high school will go ahead to the high school side and report to first period,” Criswell said.
The video can be seen in its entirety on Lytle ISD’s YouTube page.
By Marly Davis
Staff Writer