Devine teaching about half of students in person, other half remote first day

Devine ISD saw approximately over half (50%) of their students join on the first day for face to face instruction. The other half of the students remote, but some are already switching to in person instruction for a variety of reasons.
Many didn’t realize they were expected to provide their own internet connection or utilize one of the 4 hot spots public access points at campus locations as needed, as the school district only has to provide certain technology products if they are not offering in person instruction.
“Actual numbers aren’t available due to the first days are taken in a different way than normal every year,” said Todd Grandjean, Ed.D., Superintendent of Devine ISD. “I was at every campus yesterday, and speculating we had over 50% of the kiddos in face to face instruction. Everyone was in amazing spirits and excited to be back.”
“We did received many calls Tuesday about remote learners wanting to switch to in person instruction. We are telling them to come on to school,” said Grandjean.
By Kathleen Calame