Natalia Police Report Jan. 7-12

Jan. 7
2:27 PM – Officers went to the 800 block of 4th St. for some possible vicious dogs. Officers spoke to the complainants and found the dog in question. Officer spoke to the dog’s owner and advised the dog was being a nuisance and was aggressive towards the complainants and their children. The dog was secured; officers cleared the scene and went back in service.
9:42 PM – Officer responded to the 600 block of 5th St. for a verbal disturbance between a brother and sister. Officer arrived on scene and made contact with the female complainant, who advised her brother had been drinking a lot of beer and was drunk and causing problems with her. Officer checked both subjects for warrants and came back negative. Officer gave a courtesy ride to the male subject to his other sister’s house to prevent further problems.
Jan. 8
1:34 AM – Officer responded to the 300 block of Cresson St. for a suspicious female walking around outside naked in 37-degree weather, possibly under the influence of meth. Officer arrived on scene and tried to speak to the female. Officer was unable to communicate with the female very well due to her intoxication of meth. EMS was dispatched to the location and the female was later transported to Medina Regional Hospital ER in Hondo.
Jan. 10
7:33 AM – Officer responded to the 400 block of 3rd St. for a suspicious male subject inside of a car. Officer made contact with the vehicle and noticed a male subject inside the vehicle. Officer tried several times to wake him up and was not responding. Officer noticed the man was sweating very heavily, so officer opened the car door and finally woke up the sleeping man. Officer could smell an odor of marijuana inside the car, so he asked the male subject to exit the car. Officer searched the male subject for any narcotics or illegal weapons. Officer found a clear baggie of crystallized substance in his front pocket, later found to be methamphetamine. The subject was later transported to the Medina County Jail.
Jan. 11
7:02 PM – Officer responded to the 700 block of 4th St. about a verbal disturbance between a mother and son. Officer spoke to all parties and discovered the complainant didn’t want her son staying with her anymore. Officer explained to the complainant that she needed to go through the eviction process and needed to go speak to a JP judge in Devine.
Jan. 12
11:39 AM – Officer responded to the 600 block of 5th St. about a possible burglary. Officer made the location and spoke to the complainant about her moving out and when she got back to the residence, someone had attempted to pick the door lock and had broken a piece of metal inside. Officer was advised there was nothing taken or damaged. Officer gathered all his information and generated an information report on the incident.
2:39 PM – Officer responded to the 400 block of 7th St. about a civil matter. Officer spoke to the complainant and he advised the officer there was a tenant at one of his rental properties and had no permission living there. The tenant that was on the lease was allowed to have this person there at one time and was never added to the lease. Officer informed the landlord he was going to have to go see a JP judge in Devine and start the eviction process in order to remove the tenant legally.
10:24 PM – Officer responded to the 600 block of 7th St. about a dog getting into a neighbor’s yard. Officer spoke to the dog’s owner and asked him to try and keep his dogs from digging holes under his neighbor’s fence and running loose in his yard. The dog owner was warned about having loose dogs at large. Officer gathered his information, cleared the call, and went back in service.