Meet Samuel, Ethan, and Aubrey

Meet Aubrey, Ethan, and Samuel

Samuel who is 12, enjoys playing outdoors, enjoys all sports, but his favorite is football followed by basketball. His favorite professional team is the Dallas Cowboys.
Samuel also enjoys playing video games and with remote control cars. His favorite foods are pizza, spaghetti, tacos, beans and eggs. In school, Samuel’s favorite school subjects are PE and math. He also enjoys listening to Christian music.
Ethan who is 11, like his brother also enjoys being outside and playing football and basketball. On hot days he likes to relax swimming in a pool. Different than his brother, Ethan’s favorite professional football team is the Houston Texans. Ethan’s favorite meal is tacos and restaurant, is Whataburger. Ethan’s favorite school subjects are math and PE. Ethan likes being around his older brother, Samuel, as they both enjoys listening to Christian music and going to church on Sundays.
Aubrey, who is the youngest at 7, enjoys spending time in the pool on hot days and playing football with her older brothers. She like Samuel, is also a fan of the Dallas cowboys. Aubrey’s favorite colors are pink and purple, and foods are pizza, spaghetti and Mexican soup. However Aubrey is not a picky eater and is willing to try new kinds of food. Aubrey’s favorite school subjects are math and science. Like her brothers Aubrey enjoys attending church on Sundays.