Meet Nicholas

Nicholas is a happy and loving 16 year old youth, who loves to be outdoors and really enjoys swimming.
When it comes to a menu, Nicholas enjoys all types of foods, but given a choice, he would rather have Hot Cheetos and chocolates as his first and second choices.
One of Nicholas favorite things to do is spend time outside going on outings, as he likes to see the various scenery on his travels. And when it comes to television and animals, Nicholas can watch Animal Planet all day if given the opportunity.
Nicholas is currently learning sign language and is able to communicate through the use of his tablet.
But most importantly Nicholas is seeking a loving future family, who will be able to care for him long term and understand his needs.
If you think you could the forever family for Nicolas, or for another Texas child, log onto the web at or call 1-800-233-3405 for more information on foster care & adoption in Texas.