Meet Giovanni!

Giovanni is 10 years old and will be in the 4th grade this school year. His favorite subjects are PE and art.
He is always a “busy guy”! When he is inside, he likes to play on his tablet or writing in his journal. Outside he likes playing with the dog, playing basketball or football, and playing with his Beyblades.
He likes pizza, especially with pepperoni, and he also likes PBJ sandwiches. He will try to eat a little of any food that is new to him.
His favorite animal is a dog and he is hoping for a family with a dog.
When he grows up, he wants to work in construction and possibly be a carpenter, since he likes working with his hands.
He would do best if he was the youngest in the home. He would like his future Family to be active and yet be homebodies. Of course, most important to him is for his new family to be nice to him!
To get to know Giovanni better, contact Pam McCloskey, Adoption Recruiter, at (210) 685-2163 or For general information about foster care or adoption, please contact the Department of Family and Protective Services at (210) 337-3117.