Big words, little hearts

The funniest thing I remember from our family reunion this weekend was on the last day, when I heard my cousin Erin’s little 2 year old serenading his mama on the other side of the pond. He was swimming, and had two giant floaties on his arms, and he was just belting out the song “Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch”, jumping into his mother’s arms as she laughed and smiled over and over again.
He couldn’t pronounce the words perfectly, but you could make out what he said perfectly as he sang “Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch, don’t you know that I love you…..I can’t help myself, I love you and noboooody else!!”
Later at the swimming pool, I heard his sweet little voice again, as he sang it for all to hear. I think anyone within 100 yards of the pool could have heard him that time. That boy is proud of his mama, and he ain’t afraid to say it.
My baby Tucker isn’t old enough to talk much yet, but if there is one thing I’ve learned with little boys, they sure do love their mamas, and they are very protective of us too. Anytime my husband tries to sit between me and Tucker, or closer to me than Tucker is, Tucker comes a running and wrestling. Baby boy keeps close tabs on every move I make, whether I go to the bathroom, or the bedroom to change into my pajamas…anytime I walk into another room and close a door, he is there banging on the door calling for me.
My little brother used to be pretty protective of our mom and us sisters too. My sister showed me a copy of one of my old columns that I wrote about 10 years ago. I was writing about how me and my brother were walking down the tank bank, and someone said “be careful…watch out for snakes.” At that point, my little brother who was just a toddler, maybe 5 or 6, stepped in front of us and said “Don’t worry, I’ll retect you.”
He was always saying “I’ll retect you.
It’s so cute the way the little ones mispronounce words. I always hate to correct them. There’s something about it; I guess it just makes it so much more sincere. They can hardly pronounce it, but they work so hard to say it…You just know they mean those big words sincerely, from the bottom of their little hearts.