Lytle says enjoy your new can, use less water, wear a mask, fill out the census if you want your fair share

Stage 1 drought, cut back 20% on water
Stage 1 water restrictions are now in effect for Lytle water customers. We are asking our customers to cut back water usage by 20 percent. Also, be advised that you may only water one day per week with spray irrigation before 11 am and after 7 pm. Watering on weekends is not allowed unless is being done by hand. Daily watering is determined by the last digit of your street address. These are the designated watering days as per the last digit of your address: 0 or 1 – Monday; 2 or 3 – Tuesday; 4 or 5 – Wednesday; 6 or 7 – Thursday; and 8 or 9 – Friday.

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Half staff at City Office to keep things Rolling
Notice to City of Lytle customers and residents- We had planned on re-opening the Lytle city hall at the end of June, but due to the disturbing increase of covid-19 cases in Lytle and its surrounding area, we were asked to leave it closed, and that the city hall staff stagger their work shifts at the office. This is being done to prevent the entire staff from all getting sick or quarantined at one time and disrupting city services. We ask everyone’s patience as we go through the next month (August) without a full staff on any given day. We are hoping this pandemic will end soon and feel we have to try and do whatever we can to help bring the covid numbers down. We will continue to monitor this situation and do what we feel is best to keep everyone safe.
Let’s talk TRASH
Changes to your garbage service and recycling program-Waste management delivered the new trash containers the middle of July, and started picking up your garbage once a week on July 23rd. The new container provided by wm is three (3) times the size of a normal 32-gallon can, so this should take care of most of our needs. However, for the first two months, WM will monitor this to see if some customers will need two (2) containers. The cost for an additional container will be $5.00 per month. “bulky waste” pick-up will be done on the last Monday and Tuesday of the month.
Recycling delayed
We are hoping to get started with the recycling program soon, however, we have encountered some problems due to covid-19. Hopefully, we can get this going in the next month or two. As soon as details are worked out, this program will get started. As mentioned before, the recycling station will be located at the public works’ shop located at Florence Street. We will let you know what days and times will be designated for this service when we get it started.