JV Warhorses take down three

The JV Warhorses are on a winning streak. They beat Marion, Pearsall, and Natalia over two weeks. The JV Warhorses are coming together as a strong team and are ready to take on Lytle this Friday night at home and travel down to Crystal City on Saturday.
Facing Marion on November 24th, the Warhorses took the lead early and never looked back. Up 20-16 at the half, Marion could not catch up but kept the game competitive and the Warhorses continued to keep them from making the easy shots. “We took a big step forward on defense this game. Marion did not shoot a free throw. Our offensive execution got better. Our points can come from any player and that makes a good team.” Coach Evan Eads.
Angel Espinosa 3, Sage Cruz 4, Juan Billalobos 14, Rylan Mata 2, Jacob Antu 7, Cody Trammel 1, Chris Ortiz 8. Q1 12-7, Q2 20-16, Q3 20-28, Q4 39-32. FTP 50%.
Pearsall was next to fall to Devine. Down 19-22 at the half, the Warhorses took control the third quarter and won the game 47-36. “After a slow first quarter, the JV really picked it up offensively. We were about to be down more than 10 at the half, but made a nice run and cut their lead to 4. The second half we settled into the flow of the game and played well.” Coach Eads
Espinosa 2, Cruz 15, Mata 14, Isaiah Morin 1, Antu 8, Maverick Carlos 7. Q1 6-9, Q2 19-22, Q3 36-30, Q4 47-36. FTP 78%.
Saturday against Pearsall, the Warhorses were aggressive and in control from the beginning. They held Natalia to just 2 points in the first half and 11 total in the game. The Warhorses won 48-11 with 79% free throws made. “We played our most aggressive defense so far this year. Holding them to that few points is a testament to how this JV team works on defense. We also had two straight games shooting over 70% from the free throw line.” Coach Eads
Espinosa 6, Cruz 5, Billalobos 12, Mata 2, Antu 14, Trammel 9. Q1 14-2, Q2 24-2, Q3 34-7, Q4 48-11. FTP 79%.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer