JV Warhorses open District against Crystal City

The JV Warhorses closed out their pre-season against Lytle on January 10 and opened district against Crystal City. Losing 38-51 to Lytle, the Warhorses worked on their defense and did hold Lytle from running away with the game in the fourth. They held them to only 11 points.
Weston Byrd 14, Brian Schaefer 5, Angel Espinosa 2, Chris Ortiz 2, Payton Carr 10, Sage Cruz 5. Q1 7-12, Q2 15-26, Q3 33-40, Q4 38-51.
In the district opener against Crystal City, the teams started off tied at 7 each by the end of the first. In the second, Crystal City only outscored Devine by 2 points to put them up 21-23. When the third quarter started, the Warhorses could not match Crystal City’s aggression and fell behind. Unable to catch back up, Devine lost 37-60.
“We battled the first half and came out the second half flat. We can’t relax at all during any game. We have to play more intense for longer stretches in these games.” Coach Evan Eads
Against Crystal City: Byrd 10, Schaefer 9, Trammell 8, Isaiah Morin 3, Ortiz 1, Carr 4, Cruz 2. Q1 7-7, Q2 21-23, Q3 30-46, Q4 37-60.
They played Pearsall last night and will head to Hondo next Tuesday.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer