JV Warhorses beat Brooks Academy

The JV Warhorses faced down Brooks Academy and Fox Tech last week and their record moved to 18-8 and 1-3 in district after a win and a loss. Last night they played Somerset at home and this Friday the boys will play at YMLA.
Beating Brooks Academy on Tuesday, the JV Warhorses picked up their first district win of the season. Trinadad Hernandez led the team with 15 points in the 38-26 win. “The team trailed by 2 points after the 1st but had a strong 2nd quarter, scoring 18 and only giving up 4 points. The Horses maintained the lead throughout the rest of the game to get the win. The boys worked very hard, with only 6 players on the team at the present each player has had to adapt to many different roles, these young men have stepped up and continue to grow and move forward,” said Coach Gary Schmidt.
Wero Torres 9, Matt Gomez 2, Jonathan Esquibel 6, Trinadad Hernandez 15, and Ruger Cote 6.
Q1 7-9, Q2 25-13, Q3 29-20, Q4 38-26. 3/9
Friday night at home, the JV Warhorses fell 37-47. Falling behind in the first quarter, the JV team was unable to close the gap but also did not let Fox Tech run away with the game. “The team played hard but just could not overcome the 1st quarter deficit,” said Coach Schmidt.
Torres 3, Carson Suhr 4, Esquibel 8, Hernandez 9, Jacob Antu 2, Gomez 5, and Cote 6.
Q1 8-17, Q2 17-25, Q3 25-36 Q4 37-47.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer