JV play St. Anthony, participate in home tournament, and dominate Natalia

The JV Warhorses had a rough opening week. They fell to St. Anthony and went 1-3 in their home tournament. With a short practice time and key players having to sit out due to injury, the Warhorses were still a tough opponent and played well against more practiced schools.
In their first game, the JV Warhorses and St. Anthony fought over the lead the whole game with St. Anthony pulling ahead in the very end. The JV stayed out of foul trouble but only sank 2 of their 8 free throws.
Colin Dishman 10, Xavier Contreras 6, Brian Schaefer 8, Cody Trammell 5, Payton Carr 9, Sage Cruz 2. Q1 7-14, Q2 17-16, Q3 31-32, Q4 40-44. Free Throw Percentage: 25%
Playing against Marion, Uvalde, Pleasanton, and Medina in their home tournament, the JV Warhorses kept every game tight and worked on the basics while they played. “We went 1-3 in the tournament but we beat Pleasanton who won the tournament. We have enough talent to get the job done if we can execute the offense and toughen up on defense. We will get back to work and look to improve.” Coach Evan Eads
Marion Final 35-43 Dishman 13, Contreras 5, Schaefer 5, Chris Ortiz 1, Carr 9, Cruz 2. Final 35-43. FTP 36%
Uvalde Final 57-60. Dishman 7, Contreras 17, Schaefer 7, Angel Espinosa 2, Cody Trammell 3, Ortiz 5, Carr 12, Cruz 4. Final 57-60. FTP 25%
Pleasanton Final 63-60. Dishman 21, Contreras 10, Schaefer 12, Trammell 3, Ortiz 13, Cruz 4. Final 63-60. FTP 73%
Medina Final 31-46. Dishman 8, Contreras 6, Schaefer 10, Espinosa 2. Final 31-46. FTP 41%
The JV Warhorses will play at Stockdale December 3rd and then host their second tournament December 5-7th.
Facing Natalia on Monday, the JV Warhorses fell in to the groove and beat the Mustangs 73-21 at home. “Everything clicked last night. Shots were falling, we were aggressive, and we made free throws. We need to take charge and block out better. We will enjoy our Thanksgiving break,” said Coach Evan Eads.
Leading 21-0 at the end of the first, the JV team continued to dominate offensively and by the end of the half, Natalia only scored 6 points to Devine’s 40. The second half of the game was much the same, with Devine controlling the ball and running their offense to score. The third quarter ended 54-10. Natalia was able to get some shots past the Warhorse defense in the fourth but they were too far behind to do any damage to the Warhorse lead. The game ended 73-21.
Colin Dishman 16, Xavier Contreras 13, Charles Waddey 5, Brian Schaefer 6, Angel Espinosa 6, Cody Trammel 6, Isaiah Martinez 2, Payton Carr 6, Sage Cruz 6, Chris Ortiz. Q1 21-0, Q2 40-6, Q3 54-10, Q4 73-21. FTP 64%.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer