Freshmen play St. Anthony, go 3-1 in annual tournament

vs St. Anthony
In their first game of the season, the Freshman Warhorses played a great game against St. Anthony on November 19th. They fell 54-66 but had a great time adjusting to high school basketball and what is expected of them as Warhorses.
“The basketball season got off to a fast start with only one day of practice we had to travel to play a tough St. Anthony’s team. For our first game I thought the energy and excitement was very high, even though we feel short of the win. Several kids played very hard which is all a coach can ask for.” Coach Quenton Sanders
Caden Hanson 18, Jaiden Burford 8, Aiden Zapata 9, Jacob Antu 2, Kaiveri Alzerez 15, Julian Vallejo 1, Joaquin Phillipi 4. Q1 18-13, Q2 27-23, Q3 43-43, Q4 54-66. Free Throw Percentage 52%.
Annual Tournament
The Freshman Warhorses held their annual tournament over the weekend and won three of their four games. With wins over Marion, Poteet, and Pleasanton, the Warhorses only lost their final game by five points.
“I am very proud of our 3-1 record over the two day tournament. This team is full of potential and promise. Kaiveri Alvarez did a great job in all four games running the show at point guard. Caden Hanson shot the ball well from deep making a total of eight 3s for the tournament. Jaiden Burford and Joaquin Philppi play very tough. Every player made positive contributions. I am super excited about coaching these young men and look forward to watch their continued growth.” Coach Sanders
In their first game against Marion, the Warhorses took control of the game and never looked back. They outscored Marion every quarter to end the game 47-21. Ryan Mata 2, Nocias Macias 2, Caden Hanson 2, Jaidedn Burford 8, Juan Lopez 3, Juan Bilalobos 5, Nick Ortiz 2, Kaiveri Alverez 2, Julian Vallejo 3, Joaquin Phillipi 5. Q1 14-4, Q2 21-11, Q3 37-13, Q4 47-21. FTP 33%.
Poteet put up more of a fight in the first half of the game leading 10-12 and 22-24, but in the second half, the freshman took advantage of every Aggie mistake and added 35 points in the third quarter for the lead and win at 63-39. Macias 4, Hanson 19, Burford 8, Aiden Zapata 5, Jacob Antu 2, Alcerez 10, Phillipi 10. Q1 10-12, Q2 22-24, Q3 55-29, Q4 63-36. FTP 67%.
Game three against the Pleasanton Eagles was another huge win at 42-27 with the Warhorses controlling the pace the whole game. Macias 2, Hanson 13, Burford 4, Billalobos 8, Alverez 9, Vallejo 2, Phillipi 4. Q1 16-9, Q2 27-14, Q3 36-23, Q4 42-27. FTP 40%.
Uvalde was the freshman’s toughest competition and only loss of the tournament. They played hard but never could quite come from behind. Hanson 10, Burford 3, Ortiz 2, Zapata 6, Alverez 14, Phillipi 10. Q1 13-17, Q2 21-30, Q3 33-37, Q4 45-50. FTP 33%.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer