JV Horses battle Bulldogs

The JV Warhorses faced off against the Bulldogs on Tuesday, January 12th. Leading 22-16 at the half, the JV team struggled to keep up the intensity in the final two quarters.
“We struggled to score in the second half and our defense lost intensity as we struggled on offense. Our defense should play hard no atter what we do on offense,” said Coach Evan Eads.
Kaiveri Alvarez 11 points, Juan Billalobos 5, Aiden Zapata 2, Cody Trammel 3, Juan Antu 5, Mike Alers 1, Logan Camarillo 3. Q1 11-12, Q2 22-16, Q3 28-37, Q4 30-60. FTP 75%.
The Warhorses will play Thursday night against Southwest and will face off against Somerset against on January 29. Fox Tech is not playing JV games and Brooks Academy canceled all of its basketball games.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer