JV and Freshmen Warhorses home tournament this weekend

This weekend is the first home tournament for the JV and Freshmen Warhorses. They will play in the DSAC and High School gyms. The JV tournament will be against Marion, Medina, Pleasanton, Uvalde, and Devine. The JV Warhorses will play in the DSCA against Marion at 10:45 and Uvalde 2:30 on Friday. Saturday they will play Pleasanton at 8:45 and Medina at 11:15.
The Freshmen teams are Marion, Poteet, Pleasanton, Uvalde, and Devine in the High School gym. They will face Marion at 9:30 and Poteet at 1:15 on Friday. Saturday Pleasanton is first at 8:45 and then Uvalde at 11:15.