Guardiola fighting COVID in ICU

Jose Guardiola, 48, of Devine is one of many local residents who has been hit hard by Covid-19. While his family had only a light case of Covid-19, that was not the case for dad. After he started having a hard time breathing, Guardiola was taken the hospital by EMS on December 30, and has now been transferred to the ICU. He is the loving husband of Sandy Guardiola, and father of three. His wife of 28 years is asking the community for prayers.
The Guardiolas are very active supporters in our community, and have been especially big supporters of the Warhorse Band Boosters and St. Joseph parish community.
“He did everything we’re supposed to do; took the vitamins, wore the mask, stayed 6 ft away, used the sanitizer, and still Covid found him,” said Mrs. Guardiola. “Our whole family tested positive, except for him; but just as we were shaking it, he started to develop symptoms. It started with aches and fever, but soon just walking from one room to another left him winded.”
“Soon all he would do was sleep. Christmas came and he was looking better, but still got winded just sitting up. A phone call to a doctor sent him to the clinic to get tested but we already knew the results, he was positive. He was having trouble breathing so after a video visit with another doctor we called EMS to take him in just before New Year’s Eve.”
“New Year’s Eve was hard, it was the first we’ve spent apart in the 28 years we’ve been together. The doctor said he has pneumonia in both lungs. They’ve given him plasma, Remdesivir, steroids and antibiotics, but his lungs are not responding like they should. He is now in ICU where they can monitor him more closely and is on a bipap. I have faith that God will heal him and bring him home where he belongs. Friends ask what I need, what my family needs; all we need is prayers for his health and to have him home.”

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