Freshman Arabians beat Cole, Carrizo Springs, and Crystal City

In their last game before district on September 24th, the Freshman Arabians made sure to add a win to their record against Cole. “The girls did a great job taking care of business and we are excited about our first district game on Friday!” Coach Kailyn Rotramel said.
The Arabians won their first game 25-7 and kept the pressure on to win the second game 25-9.
Stats: Andrea Rios 1 kill, 2 serves. Neenah Guerrero 1 kill, 3 serves. Avery Cruz 14 serves. Karsyn Brown 1 kill, 1 serve. Kristina Moralez 1 kill, 19 serves. Koryann Arche 2 kills, 2 serves.
In their first two district games, the Freshman Arabians are on track to have another winning district season. They played in Carrizo Springs on September 27th and won 25-12 and 25-12. On October 1st the Arabians faced Crystal City and won again 25-12 and 25-17.
“The girls are doing a great job in district,” Coach Kailyn Rotramel said. “We have a tough game coming up against Hondo. We have been working hard and I know that we will come out ready to play.”
The Freshman Arabians will play Hondo this Friday with games starting at 5:00 pm. They were 2-0 in district before facing Pearsall last night.
*No one was able to take stats.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer