Devine lifters Regional-bound

Devine powerlifting Regional qualifiers are (back row, left to right): Buddy Santos, Kylie Rodriguez, Khali Key, Gillian Estala, and Jeanette Rios; and (front row, left to right) Arsci Lopez, Aaliyah Terrazas, and manager Victoria Gonzales. Not pictured is lifter Felicity Diaz.

Felicity Diaz, Aaliyah Terrazas, Khali Key, Jeanette Rios, Gillian Estala, Kylie Rodriguez, and Arsci Lopez qualified for the Texas High School Women’s Powerlifting Association Regional Championships at Edcouch-ElsaCapello Gym. The seven strong Arabians will make the nearly four-hour trip down to the valley on March 6.
“We made great strides this year and look forward to competing at Regional,” stated Head Coach Paul Gomez. “Their hard work definitely paid off.”
The Region V Division II 4A meet early weigh-in is on Thursday night from 5:00pm-7:00pm while regular weigh-in will be Friday morning bright and early from 6:00 to 7:30. Judges and coaches meet at 7:45am and competition begins promptly at 8:30am.
Diaz is the lone senior along with juniors Terrazas, Rios, Key, and Estala. Rodriguez is a sophomore and Lopez is a freshman. Best of luck, Arabians!

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Warhorse powerlifters finish regular season; Buddy Santos advances to Regional

Devine’s Warhorse powerlifting team completed its regular season on February 28 in San Antonio. Buddy Santos won the 165lb division by increasing his season-best total by 15 pounds. Buddy’s 540lb squat, 275lb bench, and 540lb deadlift gave him a 1,355lb total to edge out Natalia’s Elijah Banda by 145 pounds.
Several members of the Warhorse crew increased their weight totals during the meet including Jacob Guajardo, Grant Wagoner, Joseph Hernandez, Aaron Rivera, Rudy Rodriguez, Joel Hernandez, Jacob Delany, and Santos.
Santos is the lone member to advance to Regional, which is March 13 in Bishop. Congratulations and best of luck, Buddy!
Results (lifter-place-division-squat-bench-deadlift-total-+lb improvement)
Gus Puente-8th-123-235-125-305-665 Zachary Martinez-10th-148-360-235-370-965 Buddy Santos-1st-165-540-275-540-1,355+15 Jacob Guajardo-11th-165-400-230-350-980+40 Grant Wagoner-13th-165-365-225-340-930-+50 Joseph Hernandez-8th-181-450-215-520-1,185+25 Ralph Estala-13th-181-345-190-375-910 Aaron Rivera-8th-220-460-315-445-1,220+60 Rudy Rodriguez-13th-242-360-195-935+50 Joel Hernandez-9th-275-380-255-4601,095+90 Jacob Delany-11th-275-375-260-340-975+65.
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer

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