Devine Food Pantry is purchasing building to have permanent home

After years of struggling to operate the food pantry in several different locations, and at times not sure that we will have a place to operate from, the Devine Food Pantry is purchasing the building and property where we are currently leasing. This means that 309 N. Teel Drive in Devine will be the permanent home of The Devine Food Pantry Ministry!
As many of you may not know, the food pantry board and operations consist of all volunteers – there are no paid positions within this non-profit organization. We have been working diligently to come to an agreement with the building owner and secure the funds to purchase this much-needed facility. It truly is a labor of love and dedication!
Several fundraisers are planned for this year and a Go Fund Me page has been created to assist with the purchase of the building along with a new ramp and loading dock. The Pantry needs to replace what we initially built with a metal-framed ramp and dock to continue our perfect “no injury” record.
Many of our volunteers and board members have been with the pantry since the beginning – many times operating out of a room the size of a walk-in closet. Food insecurity is real and it is in every community. The elderly visit us to shop for food to supplement their meager grocery list because the cost of medication has risen and they are forced to choose between food and medicine. Families struggle to produce healthy meals for their children. Some have lost their jobs and need some temporary help with food. This is why the Pantry is so important to Medina County.
Not only do we help with food, but we are a minimal waste facility. What does this mean, you ask? Well, our clients shop the shelves for food that they will use – they are not handed a box full of food that may not all be used. Any produce that remains after all clients have shopped is left for local farmers to feed chickens, goats and horses. Boxes are “broken down” and placed in a secure area for a local group home to pick up and take to San Antonio for recycle. They receive money for their facility to continue operating. The Pantry works with many businesses within the community – it takes a village, right?!
As members of the community, each of the board members and all of the volunteers would like to thank everyone – citizens and business owners – for their continued assistance. Let’s make Medina County the best place to live and help each other with fellowship and a sense of home!
Join our Facebook page and keep an eye on our website for event information and exciting things going on in Medina County, Texas! Also, if you have any donations such as food, egg cartons, or bags, please contact Kirsten Bates, Donation & Event Coordinator at (210) 723-3232 or email at Items may all be dropped off at the Pantry!
By Kirsten Bates
Devine Food Pantry
Donation & Event Coordinator