Charlie’s Daughter food truck opens with the famous Charlie’s II favorites

The long awaited taste of Charlie’s II food is here, and with a new twist! The family business and tradition started by the Cupps will be carried on by daughter Missy (Cupp) Stevens and her husband Jerry. It’s a new location, a new name on the sign, but you’ll find most of the same great food we all remember and have been missing, at the new restaurant Charlie’s Daughter. The food truck is located in the parking lot of Devine Golf Course at 116 Malone.
“I am so excited to open up and see our customers again!” said Missy (Cupp) Stevens in an interview this Monday. “I really enjoy feeding people…I guess it’s in my blood! Looking forward to visiting with my old customers and my new customers! Our menu is a little different, but the same recipes. For example, we serve Steak Fingers instead of serving Chicken Fried Steaks, but it’s the same cut of meat.”
You can grab food to-go, or you can sit and dine outdoors at the picnic tables if you wish.
“I am really excited about starting Taco Tuesday every Tuesday evening at 5!! We will be Serving Tacos and our Enchiladas,” Missy said.
“This Friday (Good Friday) we are doing a special fish fry, and Keith Lutz will be singing starting at 5,” said Missy.
Mom and pop, Rogene and Charlie Cupp, who owned and operated Charlie’s II in downtown Devine for over 34 years, couldn’t be happier to see Missy carry on the family tradition.
“She is doing good, and me and Johnnie are helping wherever we can. Missy has lifelong experience in the restaurant business! She started helping us out when she was in high school. It’s so good to see some of our old customers and friends when we get a chance to go down there. Their new food truck is a great start until they can get the restaurant built inside the golf course. We are so happy for them.”
Hours are: Tuesday and Thursday 10-7, Wednesday 10-8, and Friday and Saturday 7-7.
By Kayleen Holder