Arabians claim 2nd in home tourney

This was a great start to the tournament for the girls. We jumped out to an early lead in the first quarter and never looked back. We were able to use some pressure defense to force Providence into a lot of turnovers and difficult shots. We scored easy baskets and that helped get the lead early in the game. We didn’t really pull away in the second half, but we maintained a comfortable lead all game.
Points: Lacey Shook 2, Macey Hein 5, Brianna Bowyer 1, Kendal Marek 1, Megan Runyan 10, Maddie Mata 8, Clarissa Zamora 9, Ally Taylor 6. Rebounds: Gabby Rodriguez 2, Shook 1, Hein 2, Bowyer 1, Marek 2, Yessika Garza 2, Runyan 10, Kadence Yeats 2, Mata 4, Zamora 8, Taylor 3. Assists: Hein 4, Bowyer 1, Mata 7. Steals: Rodriguez 1, Shook 1, Hein 6, Bowyer 1, Marek 1, Runyan 2, Mata 3, Zamora 2, Taylor 2. Blocks: Hein 2, Marek 1, Runyan 1, Yeats 1. FTP 42%. Q1 16-3, Q2 25-5, Q3 36-12, 42-22.
We got off to a really good start in the game against Aransas Pass. We did a good job of figuring out, and then handling their pressure in the first half. We ran early and got some easy baskets to get out to the early lead. We were pretty solid defensively most of the game. Aransas Pass came out in the second half and made a run at us in the 3rd quarter. The girls did a good job of holding off that run and getting things back under control. We didn’t do a great job of protecting the lead at the end of the game, but we got under control and finished out the game to hold off AP in the end. There were lots of good things in this game from the girls. The win was a good, hard fought win for us.
Points: Hein 10, Runyan 3, Mata 13, Zamora 12, Taylor 12. Rebounds: Rodriguez 3, Shook 1, Hein 2, Runyan 4, Mata 7, Zamora 12, Taylor 4. Assists: Shook 2, Hein 4, Runyan 2, Mata 2, Zamora 2, Taylor 2. Steals: Rodriguez 2, Hein 6, Runyan 1, Mata 4, Zamora 1. FTP 73%. Q1 14-6, Q2 30-14, Q3 40-31, Q4 50-44.
This was a solid win for us. We did a great job of getting an early lead in this one. Once we did that, we did a great job of maintaining that lead. We had a great 3rd quarter and really put the game away. We did a great job of taking care of the ball in the Randolph game. Defensively, we were really solid especially in the 2nd and 3rd quarters. I thought the effort and intensity in this game, especially on the defensive end, was really good for us. It was a good win and it set us up to play in the championship game of our Tournament.
Points: Hein 8, Yessika Garza 7, Mata 3, Zamora 5, Taylor 12. Rebounds: Rodriguez 1, Shook 1, Hein 9, Garza 4, Runyan 4, Mata 4, Zamora 2, Taylor 6. Assists: Shook 1, Hein 4, Runyan 1, Mata 1, Taylor 1. Steals: Hein 3, Mara 2. Blocks: Zamora 1, Taylor 2. FTP 42%. Q1 14-7, Q2 20-10, Q3 29-12, Q4 35-20.
The Robstown game was a grind it out, physical affair. We got off to a good start in the first quarter, but Robstown did a good job of slowing our offense down and making us work for points the rest of the game. They never let us extend the lead and we went in at half up 2. In the second half, we struggled to keep Robstown off the boards. We gave up too many second chance opportunities and we didn’t get many second chances on our end. We turned the ball over too often in this game, and we had a few costly turnovers late in the game that hurt us as well. Defensively, we did some good things, but we struggled stopping their best player and we did not finish stops late in the game. Despite this, when down late, we executed and got a great look to tie the game, it just came up a little short. It was a tough loss, but one I think we learned a lot from and that is what is important at this time of the year.
Points: Hein 12, Runyan 5, Mata 3, Zamora 9, Taylor 6. Rebounds: Shook 2, Hein 6, Garza 3, Runyan 4, Mata 8, Zamora 6, Taylor 2, Janaee Wofford 1. Assists: Shook 1, Hein 4, Garza 1, Mata 1, Zamora 1, Taylor 1. Steals: Shook 1 Hein 3, Mata 3. Blocks: Hein 3, Mata 3, Zamora 2, Taylor 1. FTP 75%. Q1 13-10, Q2 21-19, Q3 29-28, Q4 35-38.
Macey Hein and Clarissa Zamora were named to the All-Tournament Team. The Arabians will be off until December 31st when they will play in Boerne, then Fredericksburg on January 3rd. They will face Hondo at home in their first district game on January 10th.
By Coach Jim Sessions