7th Grade Maroon Fillys beat Uvalde and Natalia

Emilee Martinez sent over nine consecutive serves, aiding in the Fillys’ victory over the Lady Mustangs.

The 7th Grade Maroon Fillys hosted Uvalde last Thursday evening. It was the first game of the new season for both teams. Strong serving and serve receive were particularity important in this tame. The Fillys looked very organized on the court and were able to return Uvalde’s serves and win points. The Fillys were took charge and won in two sets, 25-21 and 25-16. They will visit Natalia next week for their second game.
I was very pleased with how much these girls learned in one week. They looked good in the game and I was very happy with the result. We will continue to put the pieces together each day and look to improve every game.
Serves: Payton Applehite 3, Ivy Stricker 1, Emilee Martinez 7, Gabby Mendez 5, Kenedie Cruz 13, Mariana Urrea 7, Eva Camaillo 1. Aces: Martinez 3, Cruz 2, Urrea 2. Serve Receives: Serve recieves: 1, Cailey Crain 1, Mendez 3, Taylin Herrera 1, Cami Carroll 1, Brilee Carroll 1, Camarillo 1, Jaelyn DeLeon1.
In the second game of the season for these young players, Devine visited Natalia. Devine played aggressively and had strong serving in the first set taking it 25-6 and lead by Emilee Martinez’ nine consecutive serves and Mariana Urrea’s 11 successful serves. In the second set, the two teams played a tight game through 14 points. At that point, Natalia scored 6 points straight, and ended up winning the second set 25-16. The third and deciding set was once again played extremely closely. Devine finally prevailed 20-19 to take set 3 and the match 2 games to 1.
I am so pleased with the result tonight. Both teams battled, but our girls were able to maintain their composure and pull off the win. They did a great job.
Serves: Payton Applewhite 2, Ivy Stricker 5, Martinez 190, Gabby Mendez 3, Kynedie Cruz 2, Urrea 19, Jaelyn DeLeon 3. Aces: Urrea 2. Hits: Mendez 7, Taylin Herrera 3, Cruz 1. Digs: Applewhite 1, Cruz 2, Urrea 2, Eva Camarillo 3. Assists: Cruz 3. Serve Receive: Applewhite 1, Mendez 3, Cruz 1.
By Coach Julie Oropeza