7th Grade Maroon Colts beat Hondo, battle in tournament

Matt Gomez.

The 7th Grade Maroon Colts had a great week after facing Poteet on January 16th and competing in the Devine Middle School Tournament. Led by Coach Jacob Sanchez, the Colts beat Hondo 19-16 after coming up form an 8-8 tie in the third.
Logan Davis 5, Jacob Rodriguez 2, Elijah Contreras 3, Brayden Reyes 2, Jayson Ramirez 7. Q1 0-0, Q2 5-3, Q3 8-8, Q4 19-16.
Hosting the annual Devine Middle School Tournament, the Colts played Pleasanton, Marion, and Poteet in the round robin style. Devine lead Pleasanton in the first half 6-5 and 12-8, but the Eagles took control of the game to lead 16-25 at the end of the third and 23-34 at the end of the game. The Colts held on and continued to put pressure on the Colts but could not close the gap. Davis 2, Contreras 4, Carson Sahn 1, Reyes 3, Ramirez 3, Matt Gomez 4, Taylor Pike 5. Q1 6-5, Q2 12-8, Q3 16-25, Q4 23-34.
In their second game against Marion, the Colts put more pressure on the Marion offense and used turnovers to their advantage to win 34-20. Davis 1, Contreras 4, Sahn 2, Reyes 4, Ramirez 5, Gomez 2, Pike 2, Hunter Bernet 9. Q1 8-5, Q2 19-14, Q3 24-17, Q4 34-20.
In their final game of the tournament, the Colts faced Poteet to fall 19-35. They fell behind early in the first and struggled to keep the Aggies away from the basket. They did close the gap in the fourth but not quiet enough for the win. They played aggressively but stayed out of foul trouble. Davis 4, Rodriguez 5, Contreras 6, Sahn 4, Ruger Cote 4, Ramirez 3, Bernet 3. Q1 4-9, Q2 9-15, Q3 16-27, Q4 29-35.
With only two games left, the Colts will play at home January 30th against Carrizo Springs and in Poteet February 3rd.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer