7th Grade Gold Fillys beat Pearsall

The Devine Fillys 7th Grade Gold Team remains undefeated in district play (9-0) after last week’s win over Pearsall.
Once again, the Fillys for off to a great start, opening the game up early 8-2. The FIllys continued to spread the gap in points with the score 16-4 at the half.
The dominance continued in the 3rd quarter, with Devine putting in 8 more points to only 2 by Pearsall to lead 24-6.
In the final quarter, Pearsall was able to equal Devine’s 6 points, nut the damage had all ready been done. Devine won 30-12.
Look for the Fillys in their final game of the season at Carrizo Springs on January 30th.
Rebounds: Kyra Olson 1, Mariah Cuellar 1, Madison Frazier 3, Jilliyn Guajardo 3, Gia Yracheta 4, Abigail Saunders 2, Madison Brown 1, Brooke Thompson 5, Ayla Villanueva 4, Sarah Stodal 2, Savannah Parker 2. Steals: Olson 1, Mariah Cuellar 3, Allexus Pena 1, Guajardo 3, Yracheta 2, Saunders 5, Brown 3, Thompson 1, Villanueva 1. Assists: Madison Cuellar 2, Guajardo 1, Saunders 2, Brown 2, Thompson 1, Villanueva 1. Points: Marlena Cuellar 2, Guajardo 4, Alisandra Terrazas 4, Yracheta 8, Andrea Rios 2, Saunders 2, Brown 2, Thompson 6.
Courtesy Coach Julie Oropeza