7th Grade Gold Colts take on Hondo

The 7th Grade Gold Colts faced the Owls on January 16th. They took the lead in the first 3-0 and held on to that lead through the half, 7-6. The third quarter say 9 more points to the Colts and 8 to the Owls. But in the fourth someone put the lid on the Colts basket and the Owls took the game 16-20.
Tony Salazar 2, Ray Quiroza 2, Josh Mills 2, Brook Poppe 4, Edwin Belar 3, Michael Girtz 3. Q1 3-0, Q2 7-6, Q3 16-14, Q4 16-20.
The Colts will face Carrizo Springs in their last home game tomorrow night and then play in Poteet February 3rd.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer