25 arrested in drug network busts

Medina County Criminal District Attorney’s Office
January 27, 2022 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:
On January 27, multiple arrest warrants and search warrants were executed simultaneously by officers from the Hondo Police Department (HPD), the Medina County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO), the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and the Medina County Criminal District Attorney’s office (MCCDA) in and around Hondo and in San Antonio. The early morning warrant round up was organized after the Medina County grand jury in Hondo and a federal grand jury in San Antonio returned indictments earlier in January charging 25 men and women with several state and federal felonies. The indictments resulted from an investigation of a methamphetamine distribution network operating in Medina County.
The investigation, which unearthed methamphetamine distribution activities extending to multiple Texas counties as well as Mexico, began in October of 2020 as a collaborative effort of HPD, MCSO, supported by the MCCDA G.O.N.E. initiative (Gangs, Organized Crime and Narcotics Trafficking Enforcement). Because of the multi-jurisdictional nature of the distribution network, and the sheer volume of methamphetamine and other narcotics involved, DEA agents and federal prosecutors were invited into the investigation to leverage resources and maximize the ultimate impact on the network in and beyond Medina County.
During the course of the investigation, state and federal investigators have seized over40 pounds of methamphetamine, over 20 grams of heroin, 11 firearms, and approximately $10,000 in U.S. currency.
The investigation still is ongoing. The Medina County Criminal District Attorney’s office anticipates that additional state charges including First Degree Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity are expected to be presented to a grand jury for multiple defendants in the coming months.
The defendants have been charged and arrested in connection with the investigation. Four additional defendants have been arrested on federal charges, but those indictments remain sealed to protect the ongoing investigation.
“Today is a great day for law enforcement and our communities. It is an example of the collaborative efforts from all agencies involved. Our work does not stop here. We continue to make efforts to continue to improve the quality of life for our communities. ” Lt. Rick Garza, Hondo Police Department Interim Chief
“We will continue to send a strong message that drug activity will not be tolerated in Medina County.” Randy Brown, Medina County Sheriff
“I applaud the work of everyone involved in helping to send the message that drug trafficking will not be tolerated in Medina County.” Mark Haby, Medina County District Attorney
“The G.O.N.E. initiative of the Medina County Criminal District Attorney’s office was just getting off the ground as this investigation began. The purpose of the initiative was to work with Medina County law enforcement agencies to leverage resources and encourage collaboration to have a greater impact on organized criminal networks operating in the county. Our goal is to make it really difficult for these operations to be successful in Medina County. We actually want them ‘gone’ from the county, and the round-up of these individuals this morning is a good start.” Jeff Diles, MCCDA G.O.N.E Prosecutor.
For names and mugshots, see this week’s print edition of The Devine News.

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