Thank you Barn!

I have a new found love for Barney. I loved the big purple dinosaur as a child, but I love him even more now, because it’s the one and only cartoon that seems to occupy my baby boy for long. Even my husband is growing fond of Barney for the 30 peaceful minutes it gives us. You hear that song enough times, and it’ll get stuck in your head with the best of them…..“I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family!”
My son never sits still, but when the magical music of Barney comes on, he will stand in one spot, hopping up and down for the whole half hour sometimes. It’s his version of “chilling out” I think. When he is ready to “rest”, he sweetly points up to the good ol VCR and starts saying “Barn…Barn…Barn.” And the tape is white-colored…..another reason Barney’s genius. So it’s easy to find, even amongst our sea of tapes and DVDs. Yes, we still have a VCR. I love tapes….they are much more hardy for the kiddos, and they are a dime a dozen at all the thrift stores. DVDs don’t stand a chance in this house for long. They always start skipping and freeze up right in the middle of the movie. Ugh.
I even bought one of those old “Rewinders” for our growing VHS collection. (You know….the little machine that rewinds movies five times faster than the VCR.) My siblings and I loved that old rewinder so much. Most kids today don’t even know the agony of waiting five minutes for a VHS tape to rewind so you can watch a movie. Then again, with our old VHS tapes, we never had to worry about a tiny scratch.
Anyway, that song’s still stuck in my head….”I love the kids, they love Barney, we’re a happy family!”
Have a good one!