Young man tragically drowns; 15-year-old heroically dives for him

A young man lost his life last week in a tragic July 4th drowning in Medina River this past Thursday. After the horrible tragedy, Medina County Sheriff Randy Brown complemented the heroic acts of a 15-year-old teenager who dove for close to an hour and eventually helped recover the victim, along with another man who also volunteered to help.
“The young man, who was almost 21 years old, went missing around 2:40 pm, and he was located downriver of diversion dam, near Paradise Canyon,” stated Medina County Game Warden Cody Buckaloo.
“He was standing in waist deep water when relatives floated by him on inner tubes, but we think he must have been standing on a rock shelf and fell down into the deeper channel of the river there. The river is much wider and becomes narrower in that area. He was located around 3:30 pm in water about 10 feet deep. It’s just such an unfortunate accident.”
“The young man couldn’t swim according to family members, and he was not wearing a life preserver. Medical crews worked on him for quite a while and he was transported to the hospital, but he sadly passed away later that evening,” Buckaloo said.”We would like to caution everyone to wear life jackets and be aware of your surroundings.”