You name it, it was there.

Been a good week so far. Got 1.2 nches of rain out to Black Creek. Hallylooya! praise the Lord! Brings us to 8.7 inches for 2024 so far. Took us till May 15 last year to reach that number.

Elections are over except for a few runoffs. Please check your information when choosing a candidate in these races. There is still a lot of misinformation floating around out there. AND show up and vote. More on this next time.
Went to a function at Ray and Rosie Wilkinson’s home a couple weeks ago down in McAllen….baby shower for their 2nd grandchild. Great time and always good to see that side of the family. We, well…everyone, received the royal treatment.
We were getting ready to leave on Sunday morning and Rosie had a great breakfast laid out. You name it, it was there. (Cept for liver dip) Got me a plate of stuff and noticed a large carafe (that is a jug in laymen’s terms) of lemonade sitting on the counter. Fresh squeezed, cold, sweet lemonade and I was ready to have a big glass with my breakfast.
Got a big glass and filled it with ice and put all the lemonade in it that would fit. Took a big gulp and as it hit my guzzler, my brain was waiting on lemonade but my mouth and my throat was full of margaritas. And it tasted like the bartender was adding the leftover half bottle of tequila so he could charge for the full bottle. Surprise, surprise.
I aint had a drink of anything since bout 35 years ago (intentionally) so, it was a shock. Now I can’t say that. Hadda start over. Now it’s only been about three weeks since I’ve had anything to drink. Aint ashamed to say that I still miss the taste of bourbon.
Bluebonnets are looking good and the mountain laurels have gone to seed. The odor of wildflowers fills the morning air now and smells great. Be a shame when it fades out. This is a seasonal thing and not like the aroma of Morales feed lot used to smell when the wind blew out of the south on a humid day.
Between now and May 20th (Early Voting starts), research the candidates for office or contact someone who might know the information you are interested in. Runoff Election Day is May 28th.