Cowboy with a red guitar

Well despite the awful gloomy forecast, we ran off and took a weekend trip to Bandera over Spring Break. Felt kind of funny staying at a hotel just an hour down the road, but we had one of the best times ever. Bandera really has a lot of fun stuff to do.

I have horses of my own, but my kids don’t often ride, so I took the opportunity to book a trail ride for the whole family (husband included) on Saturday, and it was so fun! In fact, my little cowboy said “This is the best thing I have ever done in my life!” as we rode up and down the hills, crossing the beautiful river. He had a really sweet horse named Pancho, and it was the perfect ride.
That night we went to a “chuck wagon dinner and dance”. It’s hosted at a fake “ghost town” with a cute little wooden town front and main street. We were eating some great bbq as the music started, and I watched and smiled as a cute little blonde girl twirling around the dance floor, caught my little cowboy’s attention. He put his fork down, stood up, cracked his knuckles, and went right out there and danced with her.
Shortly after that, the band offered for kids to come up and play with them, and I could hardly believe my eyes as I watched my shy little guy go right up to the center of the stage. They had a great band, and once my little man picked up that red guitar, he never let it go. He sat there on a hay bale in front of the stage playing guitar like that’s what he was born to do. It was pretty clear by the time the concert was over, that we are going to find him a little red guitar soon.
He and daddy even got their cowboy hats branded by the campfire later that night, and he’s been running around in that thing everywhere. Of course, he has to do everything a little different so he wears it backwards. Several people have tried to correct him, and he replies “No I like it that way so I can see my brands” which are on the back of the hat! Hey, to each cowboy, his own!
He often gets his shoes backwards too, so if you see a little cowboy walking around with a backwards hat, backwards boots, and a little red guitar it’s probably mine!
My husband caught 5 big bass before the weekend was over too, so I’d say we all had a heck of a weekend.