Long-standing Lytle zoning ordinance called into question

By Anton Riecher
A controversial mobile home park proposed in Lytle faces potential legal obstruction following a city council executive session May 30 to review an opinion by City Attorney Molly Solis that a 27-year-old zoning ordinance favoring the park may not be technically enforceable.
Other than to read the agenda item prior to the closed session, neither Mayor Ruben Gonzalez nor the five council members present made any public comment on the matter.
The agenda stated as follows:
“Consider and Possible Action Concerning Resolution Number #24-21, a Resolution of the City of Lytle, Texas, Recognizing Possible Procedural Defects in the Adoption of Ordinance No. 217 Amending Zoning of Real Property from R-1 Single Family Dwelling District Zoning to B-2 Secondary Business District Zoning and Resolving that as a Result of Concerns of its…

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