Baby Tucker is becoming a pro at saying I love you. He melts all the relatives hearts with his cute, little “I wuff ou!” I just can’t get enough of it. When a little someone tells you “wuff” you–that’s real love.
We had a perfect day this past Sunday at the ranch. We packed our saddle bags with sandwiches and A’Dell filled up her canteen that we after the rodeo, and then A’Dell and I went on a trail ride all the way around the ranch–with a picnic in the middle of our ride. The horses even walked close together instead of one lagging 50 yards behind (horse people will know how uncommon that is!). Usually, I’m having to yell to talk to her as we go along because one horse is always slower than the other.
Meanwhile, Grandpa Calame and baby brother were back at the house hanging out, ewwwing and ahhhing over the tractors. Tucker is sure in love with tractors. Wherever he is, whatever he’s doing, he stops to stare at any tractor that goes by. We drove by a construction site in San Antonio the other day and I thought he was gonna jump straight out of his car seat to see all those heavy machines.
I think those big machines might be the only thing he loves more than mommy! Then again, he doesn’t tell the tractor he “wuffs” them…..at least not yet!