Colts and Fillys track bring home tons of medals

7th Grade Filly Katie Rios heads toward the finish line in the 100M Hurdles.

The Devine Middle School Colts and Fillys track teams had several outstanding performances in their meet last Friday on Hondo’s brand new track. Hondo, hosting a track meet for the first time in ages, ran off all running events but was unable to do field events at their new venue due to inclement weather conditions.
The 7th grade Colts and the 7th and 8th grade Fillys all captured team titles while the 7th grade Fillys came in second place in their division. The teams are next in Bandera for the Bulldog Relays on Friday, February 8.
Gold medal winners included Kyra Olson, Skylar Blanton, Brooke Thompson, Kelsey Dishman, Camryn Darby, and Gabriel Esquibel. Several of the relay teams from each division ran their way to 4-person gold medals or silver medals as well. Unfortunately, the names of those runners were not available at press time.
7th girl team rankings: 1st-Bandera-160, 2nd-Devine-141, 3rd-Hondo Blue-64, 4th-Lytle-45, 5th-Hunt-32, 6th-Hondo White-2.
7th Fillys: 800m Run—2nd-Gianah Yracheta-3:04; 100m Hurdles—1st-Kyra Olson-18.78, 3rd-Katie Rios-20.35, 5th-Madison Frazier-20.80; 100m Dash—3rd-McKayla Morris-14.60, 4th-Abigail Saunders-14.64, 5th-Oakley Malone-14.84; 400m Dash—4th-Olson-1:12, 5th-Airyanna Rodriguez-1:15; 300m Hurdles—1st-Skylar Blanton-57.66, 3rd-Rios-1:02, 6th-Maudie Cortez-1:05; 200m Dash—1st-Brooke Thompson-29.77, 3rd-Natalie Valle-30.50, 5th-Saunders-31.98; 1600m Run—3rd—Yracheta-7:22; 400m Relay—2nd-53.97; 800m Relay—1st-2:03; 1600m Relay—1st-5:00.
8th girl team rankings: 1st-Devine-141, 2nd-Bandera-122, 3rd-Hondo Blue-45, 4th-D’Hanis-39, 5th-Hondo White-2.
8th Fillys: 800m Run—4th-Madison Spicer-3:02; 100m Hurdles—1st-Kelsey Dishman-19.20, 2nd-Kate Featherly-19.40, 3rd-Brooklyn Miller-19.45; 100m Dash—5th-Brynlea Byrd-14.70; 400m Dash—4th-Yaretzi Mercado-1:15; 300m Hurdles—2nd-Miller-58.59, 3rd-Dishman-58.66, 5th-Denise Contreras-1:00; 200m Dash—1st-Camryn Darby-30.40, 4th-Kylee Esquibel-31.08; 1600m Run—6th-Spicer-7:08; 400m Relay—2nd-57.13; 800m Relay—1st-2:01; 1600m Relay—1st-4:50.
7th boy team rankings: 1st-Devine-121, 2nd-Bandera-93, T3rd-Hondo Blue and Lytle-86, 5th-Hondo White-16.
7th Colts: 800m Run—2nd-Anthony Saldivar-2:42, 3rd-Logan Davis-2:45; 110m Hurdles—2nd-Reynaldo Quiroga-23.51, 4th-Tyler Pike-23.53, 6th-Carson Suhr-22.57; 400m Dash—2nd-Tate Wisenbaker-1:05, 3rd-Jayson Ramirez-1:07; 300m Hurdles—3rd-Pike-55.63, 4th-Jayden Reyes-55.87, 5th-Quiroga-56.74; 1600m Run—2nd-Davis-6:18; 6th-Suhr-6:25; 400m Relay—3rd-53.29; 800m Relay—2nd-1:53; 1600m Relay—1st-4:38.
8th boys team rankings: 1st-Devine-132, 2nd-Bandera-105, 3rd-Hondo Blue-93, 4th-Lytle-65, 5th-D’Hanis-28, 6th-Hunt-3.
8th Colts: 800m Run—2nd-Stephan Culver-2:35; 110m Hurdles-2nd-Aaron Bonilla-19.13, 4th-Josiah Martinez-20.59; 100m Dash—2nd Ethan Santos-12.74, 4th-Jason Sanidad-12.84, 6th-Chirs Sanidad-13.13; 400m Dash—2nd-Sam Guardiola-59.72; 300m Hurdles—2nd-Bonilla-48.00, 6th-J. Martinez-52.25; 200m Dash—1st-Gabriel Esquibel-25.50, 4th-J. Sanidad-26.78, 6th-C. Sanidad-27.34; 1600m Run—3rd-Culver-6:12, 6th-Jesse House-6:47; 400m Relay—1st-49.74; 800m Relay—1st-1:47; 1600m Relay—1st-4:14.
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer