Warhorses win first district game

The Warhorses went 1-1 last week against Brooks Academy and Fox Tech. Now 1-3 in district, the Horses will have to work even harder in the second half to make playoffs. Sharing 3rd with Fox Tech and Brooks Academy, Devine needs to beat them when they play on February 11th and February 15th respectively. Somerset is undefeated as of Monday night. Devine took on Somerset last night at home. They will play YMLA on February 8th on the road.
Taking down Brooks Academy on January 25th, the Warhorses worked hard for the win. Down 13-14 at the end of the half, Devine took the second quarter by outscoring Brooks 21-14 to take the lead at 34-28. Devine continued to work hard and earned the win at 70-58.
“The guys responded with max energy against Brooks. They were the most physical team. Our defense was much improved. We will need to keep our defense playing well to make playoffs,” said Coach Evan Eads.
Points: Sage Cruz 6, Caden Hanson 17, Isaiah Morin 3, Eli Contreras 9, Chris Ortiz 2, Peyton Carr 14, Xavier Contreras 19. Q1 13-14, Q2 34-28, Q3 49-41, Q4 70-58. FTP 47%.
Friday night against Fox Tech, Devine kept pace with them through the half and was only down by one at 28-29. In the third, Fox Tech got on a hot streak and ran away with the game to win it 68-57.
“We had a good opportunity to move into a solid position playoff wise Friday night. Our defense fell apart late in the second quarter and the second half. We are now tied for 3rd in district and will have to improve during the second round of district play,” added Coach Eads.
Points: Hanson 9, Morin 10, Carr 23, X. Contreras 15. Q1 13-15, Q2 28-29, Q3 43-51, Q4 57-68. FTP 70%.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer