Warhorse track takes 2nd place in regular season finale

Second place is somewhere the Warhorse track team is not accustomed to seeing itself in this weird 2021 season. It has been championship plaque or bust thus far as the Horses won all of their previous meets.
Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing necessarily wrong with second place but this group has gotten used to being #1 and eagerly look to regain that status with their district meet Tuesday and Wednesday at Warhorse Stadium.
The 3200m Run begins at 10:00am Tuesday with other preliminary running events kicking off at 11:30am.
Earning gold medals were Xsavior Martinez, Christian Gerlach, Brady Hackebeil, Buddy Santos, Aaron Saenz, Evan Priest, and Jacob Featherly.
Martinez, Gerlach, Hackebeil, and Santos also won silver along with Xavier Garza, Geoffrey Seal, and Aiden Zapata.
Bronze medalists were Gerlach, Hackebeil, Santos, Hayden DuBose, Enrique Midobuche, Isaih Morin, John Schnautz, and Zachary Alvarez.
Varsity boy team rankings
1st Pleasanton 222.5, 2nd Devine 173, 3rd Hondo 130.5, 4th Poteet 76.
Varsity Warhorse results
4x100m Relay—1st Xsavior Martinez, Christian Gerlach, Brady Hackebeil, Buddy Santos 43.56 4x200m Relay—2nd Martinez, Gerlach, Hackebeil, B. Santos 1:32.28 4x400m Relay—3rd Isaiah Morin, Enrique Midobuche, Hackebeil, B. Santos 3:41.38 100m Dash—3rd Hayden DuBose 11.88, 6th Midobuche 12.16, 8th Xavier Contreras 12.32 200m Dash—3rd Gerlach 22.72, 6th Midobuche 24.34 400m Dash—3rd DuBose 55.36, 6th Morin 57.03 800m Run—4th Morin 2:14.01, 5th Christopher Ortiz 2:19.02 1600m Run—2nd Xavier Garza 4:49.52, 6th Ortiz 5:20.01, 8th Marcus Espinosa 5:24.84 3200m Run—2nd Garza 10:47.44 110m Hurdles—1st Aaron Saenz 16.32 300m Hurdles—6th Saenz 46.24 Long Jump—4th Midobuche 19’10”, 6th Contreras 18’10” Shot Put—2nd Geoffrey Seal 38’8”, 3rd John Schnautz 38’7”, 6th Gerlach 34’0¼” Discus—1st Evan Priest 138’5”, 2nd Aiden Zapata 114’6”, 7th Jacob Delaney 91’11” Triple Jump—4th Sage Cruz 39’3½”, 8th Ethan Santos 36’0”, 9th Saenz 34’8” High Jump—3rd B. B. Santos 5’2”, 4th Caden Hanson 5’2”, 5th Contreras 5’0” Pole Vault—1st Jacob Featherly 13’6”, 3rd Zachary Alvarez 10’6”, 5th Hanson 9’0”.
JV boy team rankings
1st Hondo 172, 2nd Pleasanton 157, 3rd Devine 140, 4th Poteet 66.
JV Warhorse results
4x100m Relay—1st Seth DeLeon, Nate Ramirez, Gus Puente, Marcus Rodriguez 47.92 4x200m Relay—4th DeLeon, Ramirez Puente M. Rodriguez 1:47.56 4x400m Relay—2nd Ramirez, DeLeon, Kaiveri Alvarez, Kristofer Aguirre 4:00.64 100m Dash—1st Jason Sanidad 12:17, 2nd Christopher Sanidad 12.29 200m Dash—1st J. Sanidad 25.40, 2nd C. Sanidad 24.63, 7th Puente 27.02 400m Dash—2nd Aguirre 58.87, 5th Alvarez 1:00.14 800m Run—2nd Jesse House 2:30.95, 4th Aguirre 2:33.52, 5th Stephan Culver 2:35.22 1600m Run—4th House 5:44.91, 7th Culver 6:02.23 Shot Put—1st Logan Camarillo 35’7½”, 5th Rafael Estala 33’9”, 9th Brody Radicke 32’1” Discus—4th Estala 82’6”, 8th George Saenz 71’11”, 9th Camarillo 71’3” Pole Vault—1st Eric Guerra 7’6”, 2nd Juan David Rendon 7’0”.
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer