Warhorse-Arabian XC teams run in Bandera

Devine Warhorse and Arabian Cross Country competed in the Bulldog Invitational Saturday at Bandera City Park. Arabian Katelyn Joslin and Warhorse Xavier Garza each placed 5th in the varsity divisions while Trinity Black and Rylan Mata led the JV groups.
Arabian Brianna Bowyer came in 6th, while Warhorses Isaiah Morin and Thomas Mendoza were other top 20 finishers.
Individual results
Varsity Arabians: 5th Katelyn Joslin 12:49, 6th Brianna Bowyer 12:57, 42nd Rebecca Mares 14:38, 45th Audrey Longoria 14:49, 50th Corinne Fowler 15:33,
Varsity Warhorses: 5th Xavier Garza 17:27, 13th Isaiah Morin 18:33, 19th Thomas Mendoza 18:58, 26th Marcus Angel Espinosa 19:36, 29th Christopher Ortiz 19:54, 35th Kristofer Aguirre 20:28, 39th Arturo Diaz 21:09.
JV Arabians: 15th Trinity Black 15:31, 27th Emiley Mares 16:11, 28th Allison Dugosh 16:14.
JV Warhorses: 5th Rylan Mata 19:09, 21st Enrique Midobuche 22:27, 22nd Seth Deleon 22:31, 23rd Jason Sanidad 22:32, 24th Stephen Culver 22:37, 25th Christopher Sanidad 22:45, 27th Jaiden Alvarez 23:06, 28th Owen Fowler 23:38,
Team results
Varsity girls: 1st Bandera 34, 2nd Pleasanton 56, 3rd Boerne 101, 4th Comfort 114, 5th Lytle 131, 6th Devine 133, 7th Uvalde 134.
Varsity boys: 1st Lytle 28, 2nd Boerne 59, 3rd Bandera 63, 4th Devine 82, 5th Uvalde 118.
JV girls: 1st Bandera 37, 2nd Boerne 46, 3rd Pleasanton 65, 4th Uvalde 88.
JV boys: 1st Boerne 34, 2nd Lytle 34, 3rd Devine 75, 4th Bandera 89.
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer