Union Pacific closes crossing and road to Gusville RV park

A sign declaring the road closed sits in the entrance to Gusville, forcing residents and school buses to use alternative access with limited visibility on CR 7611.

The entrance to Gusville Mobile Homes/RV Park/Mini Storage, Private Road 7615, was recently blocked off by the Union Pacific Railroad. 72 mailboxes sit just outside the mobile home park on the side road of IH 35 just a couple of miles south of Devine. A “Road Closed” sign sits in the entrance and the gravel has been placed as barriers on both sides of the railroad track to keep traffic from using the private road.
Owner of the land, Mr. Gus Brieden is not happy about the closure, he stated, “My ancestors deeded the rail road the property 135 years ago for them to use, with the understanding that they would allow traffic to continue on our road into our land and business”.
“Now our mobile home, RV park, and mini storage customers will not be able to get to their homes or storage units without winding through the homes and park. It is definitely affecting us and our businesses.” They are forcing their customers and the school bus to use an alternative access off of CR 7611. It is very sandy and at a sharp curve in the road with limited visibility.
A sign was put up at the crossing months ago, which does not have any lights or crossing bars, warning that the crossing was under review and subject to closure. The sign stated, “Notice: This private crossing is subject to closure on/after December 12, 2016. Please call 1-800-269-2046 if you believe you are legally entitled to this crossing. Union Pacific Railroad. Refer to the following information when calling- Crossing identification # 448459Y.” (Date of posting was unreadable.)
The railroad claims the crossing adjacent to their property is under no existing agreement. They claim the other route off of CR 7611 is a preferred route, which has a signalized public railroad crossing.