Medina County ESD 4 Board eyes possible EMS station expansion

The Medina County ESD 4 Board is considering the possible expansion of the EMS station in Devine.

Medina County ESD 4 Board members amended the budget and discussed the possibility of expanding the EMS station at the Regular meeting on Monday, May 1.
Board Chair Beth Leonosio, Vice-Chair Ed Dougherty, Treasurer Juan Cuellar, and Secretary Juan Davalos were all present. ESD 4 Coordinator Christy Merendon and AMR representative Jason Duff were also in attendance.
Assistant Treasurer Pat Bourcier was absent.
EMS station expansion
The Board is in the preliminary stages of considering the expansion of the current EMS station, and has reached out to Mueller, Inc. and Grossman Design Build to get an idea of costs.
There is $15,000 in the Special Capital Expense Reserve fund in the FY 2016-2017 budget.
“We’ve got to be ready, because I’m hoping that Grossman and Mueller, a couple of them, show up with some ideas so we start getting an idea of the kind of money we’re looking at,” Leonosio said. “Because that $15,000 would be a little spit in the ocean as far as what you would need for them coming up with proposals and plans.”
Dougherty pointed out that they needed to be certain about the cost of any engineering fees.
The Board voted to continue their preliminary discussions with Mueller and Grossman.
ESD Coordinator
Merendon serves as the Coordinator on a part-time basis as an independent contractor, and handles things like putting together meeting agendas and facilitating Board activities. In order to formalize her role, the Board is reviewing descriptions of duties from other Boards.
The Board voted to revisit the issue in the June meeting.
Leonosio and Cuellar planned to meet with auditor Trevor Myres of Coleman, Horton & Company, LLP, on April 5 regarding the fee for 2015-2016 fiscal year audit. The charge of $5,800 was higher than $5,500 the Board had budgeted.
“I really don’t want to change auditors,” Leonosio said. “They do a good job.”
Leonosio said that she should have a letter of intent to stick with CH&C to bring the Board in June.
2016-2017 FY budget
The Board has already surpassed the $150.00 set aside for newspaper Public Notices.
“They went up on their prices,” Merendon said.
Leonosio said the Board should have been smarter about that aspect of the budget.
“We knew we were going to have to post all of our tax information,” Leonosio said. “We’ll remember that next year.”
The Board voted to move $550.00 from the Travel/Meetings line item to the Newspaper – Notices & Ads line item, and $150.00 from Legal Fees to Audit Fees to balance the budget.
Treasurer’s report
The checking account had a balance of $194,144.23 as of April 3. Payments were made to AMR ($25,200.01), Christy Merendon ($400.00), City of Devine ($95.55), Direct Energy ($251.73), West Texas Gas ($24.16), Joe Cardenas ($100.00), and Mike Wilkins ($320.00).
Wilkins repaired water leaks in the bathroom, and replaced lines, cutoff valves, and fixtures.
“The bathroom and sink and the shower were running steady streams,” Leonosio said.
Deposits of $7,825.59 and $3,399.81 from the Medina County tax office left the checking account with a balance of $175,578.37 as of April 26.
Additionally, there is $138,365.08 in a Security State Bank money market account; $100,000.00 in a Security State Bank CD; $105,000.000 in a Frost Bank account; and $6,018.62 in another Frost Bank account.
The full report is available on the ESD 4 website:
EMS report
The most common complaint in April was for difficulty breathing, with 14 calls.
“What’s ‘lift assist’?” Leonosio asked.
Duff explained those calls are for people who have fallen and need help getting up, but refuse transport to a hospital.
“That’s a canceled call,” Duff said. “We don’t charge them for any of that.”
Furniture and fire proof cabinet
In April, the Board approved the purchase of both a fireproof filing cabinet and new furniture to replace the worn-out pieces in the EMS station.
Leonosio located a year-old couch and loveseat set being sold by Steven Butler for $800.00. Delivery from San Antonio is included in the cost.
Because money was saved on the cost of furniture, the Board approved using funds that had been set aside for that to increase the budget for a fire proof filing cabinet to $1,500.00.
Merendon located a new Fire King fire proof cabinet on Amazon for $1,033.98 with free shipping, and the Board agreed to allow her to purchase it and reimburse her.
Upcoming meeting
The next ESD 4 Board meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 5 at the EMS station at 6:15 pm.
By Marly Davis
Staff Writer